Woodland Light Experience – Stirling

I like to start my run up to Christmas quite early so when I saw that itison.com had a woodland light experience on offer I jumped at the chance to take Stinker and the Wee Man for some festive fun.

On the day it was quite a ‘bracing’ day with a storm and rain so although I was fine with it the Husband was being a bit of a moan the whole way up.

We too the buggy for the Wee Man to keep him dry and it was fine to push around the pathways. Had the added bonus of getting him to sleep too so who are we to complain?! Wee Stinker managed to walk most the way round which impressed both of us since she’s stil to small and there was a lot of scrabbling around in the mud.

The show itself was really nice and I liked that you walked around at your own pace without being rushed. We could have stayed and looked for a lot longer than we did but we were conscious that we had to keep Stinker moving or we risked a meltdown (our tour was right on tea time). I loved all the little fairy touches around the walk and it helped keep her entertained and moving onto the next area, she was really excited by it all which made her Dad and I very happy.

Speaking of tea time, they had a really good kids area for food so she was able ot get a healthy snack which kept her topped up and in a good mood and meant we could go straight home to put her to bed after 🙂

I really enjoyed the light experience and it was a brilliant thing to do to get us in the mood for the run up to Christmas. Yes it was cold, Yeas it was muddy but who cares? That’s part of the appeal of these things to get freezing then into a nice warm house to snuggle under a blanket!

We’re looking forward to heading back on Christmas Eve for the kids to meet Santa.