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On the 16th of August my parents celebrated their 48th wedding anniversary with a cup of tea and a box of Dairy Milk. We took the mickey at the romance of my Father and their simple tastes (he once bought my mum a lawnmower for her birthday) but it got me thinking about long lasting relationships and what it takes to ‘see it thorough’ as it were.

timelineYou see August also marks our second wedding anniversary and our 16th year together (we took a while…) but I’m proud of this as we, like my parents, have had out fair share of ups and downs, arguments and ‘will we won’t we’ moments but still we bit the bullet and said ‘I do’.

I think it’s seeing my parents argue…be loved up…argue again…hold hands that has been a little bit of an influence on me and how I view my relationship; I don’t want to give up on us so we fight through our difficulties and we’re determined to make it work, more so now that we have our little stinker. It works for us and I am quite proud that we’ve been together so long.

My Top Tip For Love

A few years ago we had problems and as part of the making up we were both made to read the Five Languages of Love which is a book that helps you find out your ‘love style’ and helps you to understand your partners too. For me it was spending time together and for him it was physical closeness (of the hand holding variety!) it helped us loads to be able to think from the others perspective or maybe do something we’d have bypassed before without realising how importnant it was to the other.

It is a fantastic book and one that’s worth referring back to, I can’t tell you how many times I have leant it out or recommended it. It’s definitely my top tip for a long lasting relationship – read that book!

Win 1 of 3 Love Hearts Hampers – How To Enter

In reference to the August anniversaries I have teamed up with Love Hearts to win 1 of 3 Love Hearts Hampers (pictured below). Love Hearts are also celebrating their 60th anniversary this year so doesn’t it all tie in nicely?!

The competition will be running until the 9th September.

All you need to do is enter by commenting on the blog with what you view as a sure fire way to keep love alive then mark that you have entered using Rafflecopter.

For an extra three points follow @and1makes4, @lovehearts_uk or tweet about the giveaway.

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  • Angie Allen

    Respect each others space

    • Definitely, everyone needs some alone time.

  • Tracey Peach

    Don’t spend all your free time together have different interests

    • Oh yes, because if you spend all your time together what’s there to talk about later?!

      • Tracey Peach

        Very true xxx

  • Holly Smith

    be friends as well as lovers

  • Nick

    learn to sleep living on the edge of the bed with no duvet cover :/

    • HAHA! Or learn to sleep while snoring is going on…

      • Nick

        Thats true love right there haha

  • Tammy Tudor

    be each other’s best friend 🙂

  • zebrarosen

    Not expect perfection.

    • Agree, I think this is something that we’re all brought up to expect with the romance of films etc but who’s perfect. I mean, I’m close but…. 😉

  • Rena plumridge

    Have a shared interest

    • We once swapped interests, I took golf lessons and he rode a horse. I enjoyed the golf him…? Not so much.

  • susanseaman

    never go to sleep on an argument,

  • Plastig Ffantastig


    • Oh yes, not going to work if one is too stubborn to give.

  • michele hemmings

    Trust, understanding, fun & patience <3 x

    • Ooh, I think you’re the only one who’s said fun so far but of course!

  • Margaret guest

    Give and take and being able to say Sorry

    • My most hated word to say but yes, sometimes you swallow your pride!

  • Kitty Bywaters

    Falling in love over and over again – with the same person!

    • Awww, that’s very sweet and it is like that isn’t it as you grow older together.

  • Andrea

    Give and take.

    • To quote my Mother “I give, you take” although she may have been shouting that at one of her three teenagers…

  • liane mccreanor

    always make time for date night 🙂

    • We had our first date in 15 months for our anniversary, was lovely and need to do it more (baby permitting).

  • Cath

    Don’t try and change them, remember you fell in love with who they are.

    • I’m laughing (not at your comment) but at the fact I met a 22yr old metal fan with piercings, long hair and combats and now he’s a (relatively) clean shaven,short haired, suit wearing, very sensible IT professional. Must admit I prefer version two!

  • Emma Birley

    Compatibility, respect, compromise, putting someone else before yourself!

    • “putting someone else before yourself” definitely, letting them have the last crisp in the bowl 🙂

  • Jodie Crossley

    communication, respect, making the effort

    • Making the effort – you still need to get dressed up for nights out even if you do spend most your life in Jammies I think. I reckon it shows respect to your partner too.

  • Rishona Taylor

    communication is key 🙂 talk and listen 🙂

    • You have to really work at this I think, it’s too easy to ask a question then drift off during the answer – not me of course 😉

  • Elaine Savage

    mutual respect

  • Tracy K Nixon

    Trust – if that breaks down there is little point in going on!

    • True to some extent but what if someone breaks your trust by hurting you through not thinking of you (as opposed to anything worse) – we worked through that and got it back (though the odd bunch of flowers wouldn’t go amiss!)

  • Michelle Austin

    Don’t expect the conventional and take what is meant to be.

  • lindsay chadburn

    date night!!!

  • ashleigh allan

    Romance – always make time for each other!

  • Martin

    Trust once its gone its gone 🙁

  • Tracy Steer

    Give and take and being able to say Sorry

  • Kirsty Fox

    Lots of trust and respect

  • Lisa Everaert

    Mutual Respect and understanding

  • Edward Guerreiro

    Maintain individual interests/passions. Not only so you can have some time alone, but also so you don’t become boring/bored with each other.

  • JoMapp

    Always surprise your partner. It keeps relationships fresh and fun

  • thomascomp

    mutual respect

  • Caroline H

    Always take the time to show a little appreciation, even if it’s just saying “thanks for doing that” if the bins get taken out!

  • Melanie

    being honest and the best of friends

  • clairdownham

    give and take and never go to bed on a argument

  • Alison Joyce

    Listen to each other and don;t take each other for granted.

  • lisa evans

    Make each other laugh!

  • LeeLee Doodygirl Mse Newsome

    Always listen to each other and trust each other

  • Jo welsh

    Understanding and listening to what each other needs

  • Hannah Thompson

    Being best friends

  • Val Swift

    Trust and to be able to laugh with one another

  • kelly s


  • Lorraine Tinsley

    Laughter! My husband always makes me laugh at least once a day 🙂

  • Gayle Mcfedries

    forgive the small stuff

  • cathyjam

    no secrets

  • tabbaz

    Remember Love is not a big thing! It’s a million little things and it is all those little things that keep it going 🙂

  • Christina Curtis

    a mix of Trust, Understanding, Laughter and a Dash of Crazy!

  • Claire Nutman

    Listening x

  • LJ Baker

    Communication – being able to talk to each other about anything

  • melanie stirling

    Being good friends and saying I love you everyday.

  • Having a good laugh together

  • Jen

    Being able to make each other smile even when your angry at them…

  • angela sandhu

    listen to each other

  • Sarah-Jane Laycock

    Tolerance and reminding each other why you got together in the first place!

  • jane greenfield

    a sense of humour

  • Becky Duffy

    Patience and making time for each other!

  • Solange

    Communication, trust, respect and laughter

  • Alex Max

    never go to bed angry

  • Talk to each other, never hold anything back and always be with your best friend through thick and thin.

  • Barbara Handley


  • isabelle smith


  • C h a n t e l

    Support through the good times and bad!

  • Stephanie Whitehouse,

    Choose wisely – don’t rush in

  • Lisa Chappell

    never go to bed on an argument

  • samantha sugden

    trust , Communication and humour

  • Leigh Marea Boyle

    never go to bed mad at each other

  • Trudi Louise


  • Ellie Bevan

    never go to bed on an argument….. arguing is healthy and clears the air, but going to bed angry just isnt right!

  • Stacey Haines

    Trust, laughter and negotiation 😛

  • Sarah Keates

    making time for each other

  • Andrea Miles


  • Penelope Hewitt

    Good Communication is very important

  • jenna rothen

    ignore the small things that can irritate you as they are not so bad overall.

  • amyjbeckett

    Always laugh

  • Heidi Brown

    respect each other 🙂

  • Paula Harvey

    Marry your best friend! 😀

  • Sarah Lewis

    Respect and romance

  • Laura Corrall

    Pillow talk. Always have a little chat at the end of the day to tell each other how much you love each other and air any disputes so you can both go to sleep happy.

  • Kristy Leanne Brown

    Sticking at it – just because you hit a bump doesn’t mean you should give up