Tour de Yorkshire 2014 with a toddler

I’m finally getting round to writing up about our trip to Haworth in July to see the Tour de Yorkshire which I’d intended to do a good 6 months ago…

It was a holiday we’d anticipated for a good 2 years and my cycling mad husband was eager to make the most of the opportunity to view the race and soak up the atmosphere so we decided to spend a week in Haworth.

The Setting

We chose to stay in Haworth in a cottage we’d stayed in the year before. It was prime location across from the train station and would give us an elevated view from the garden as the race went past. The weather was fantastic all week so we really got to see Haworth shine in all it’s glory. It really is a beautiful little spot and I loved staying there.

The “Choo Choo”

 The Atmosphere

The run up to the main event was really good. There was a buzz about the town without it being too busy so we had time to scout out where we were going to go on the day to watch along with just enjoying the feeling of excitement that everyone had. So many people had decorated their houses and shop fronts well before the race so it was impossible not to get excited about the whole thing.

The day itself was brilliant. People were up from very early and we were out walking around at 8am to take in the atmosphere and see the sights. We climbed up the hill to the centre of the village and it was fantastic to see so many people cycling the route before the race came through. It did bring a tear to my eye watching dad’s help their kids cycle up the big Haworth hill with a gently hand on their back to power them up, it was lovely to see and something I’d imagine the Husband doing with Wee Stinker.

An exhibit of knitted bikes!


And another…


A mural half way up the hill in Haworth


Awaiting the race – a perfect view

After the wander we decided to watch the race from our garden as the town was so busy we didn’t thik it would be much fun taking a buggy though. Turns out we got a cracking view, Wee Stinker got to eat her lunch while watching the goings-on and the Husband was able to keep nipping indoors to keep and eye on the race and where it was so we were guaranteed not to miss it! This was the perfect spot to watch the cavalcade too and it was a brilliant addition to the race and really added to the atmosphere.

The family area in the park
The centre of Haworth during an early morning wander


The fun!

Her customised t-shirt dress

We wanted to get her a special item from the race to show her she’d been in years to come. We chose her a small t-shirt and I spent the night before sewing it into a makeshift dress so she could be dressed to impress – she sure was with loads of comments about her outfit and her (unintentionally) festive yellow buggy.

A post-race beer, it was hard work all that spectating

 The day after

We were really pleased we chose to stay in Haworth for the week around the race as it gave us ample time to relax without having to rush about and it meant we could enjoy the beauty of the village after the race and enjoyr the anticipation in the run up to it too.

A relaxing beer the day after the race

All in all this holiday was a brilliant experience and a perfect break with a toddler. Choosing to stay in one of the main hubs was a great choice and we loved our holiday in the sunshine.

Whether Wee Stinker will remember any portion of it remains to be seen but even if she only retains, somewhere in the back of her mind, a love of live events then our job here is done.