Staying hydrated – #enjoymorewater challenge

As a family we’re pretty crap at staying hydrated so when I saw the #enjoymorewater challenge from Robinsons appear in my inbox I jumped at the chance. The #enjoymorewater challenge is aiming to get us drinking more water and staying hydrated which is the perfect challenge for the uncharacteristically hot Summer days we’re having.

We were sent through 5 of the new Squashed juices which is a massively concentrated juice with no added sugar. It is in a tiny bottle that fits in your bag and as we’ve found, great for taking on holiday and saving space in the car! It says it makes 20 glasses but I’m finding that it’s lasting a lot longer than that and the kids need just a dash in a glass to make a cup for them.


Wee Stinker is happy with water but she’s getting to the age where she sees we’re having juice and wants to know why she can’t, she is a “big girl” after all so we’ve been using Squashed to make her a weak juice and she absolutely loves it.

To get the kids to drink more water I’m:
  • Filling a bottle first thing in the morning and reminding them every half hour or so to take a sip
  • Carry a bottle everywhere for each of them and put it within easy reach
  • Making Squashed ice lollies for really hot days!
A hot day called for a pint of Passion Fruit & Mango
A hot day called for a pint of Passion Fruit & Mango


Hydration and me

Another benefit is that I’ve been particularly dehydrated recently and the off-shoot of that is that the Wee Man starts to be affected too as I’m still breastfeeding him and it makes him think there’s nothing there and cluster feeds/feed more to up my supply. Generally this happens at night. It’s 14 months now and I’ve only just seen the correlation between me being dehydrated and the Wee Man waking more! Anyway, since I worked this out I’ve upped my water intake massively and his sleep has got better and he’s feeding on a much more reliable pattern than he was. Not only that but since taking up this challenge I’m finding it’s a lot easier to stay hydrated especially as I not leave the bottle beside the sink so it reminds me on a regular basis. I’m feeling a lot more awake and refreshed.

To get myself to drink more water I’m:
  • Starting the morening with a pint glass so I can keep track of how many pints I have – I like to have at least 4
  • Start the morning with a glass of water – I used to wait (unintentionally) until midday to start drinking
  • Leave the Squashed bottle by the sink so it’s a constant reminder without having a massive bottle of juice sitting out all the time
  • Taking a large water bottle out with me everywhere I go
Staying hydrated with a teeny tiny dash of Summer Fruits
Staying hydrated with a teeny tiny dash of Summer Fruits


This post is an entry for BritMums #EnjoyMoreWater Challenge, sponsored by Robinsons