Ox Pasture Hall Hotel – First hotel stay with baby

When I found out the Ox Pasture Hall Hotel, Scarborough was offer myself and my family a night in a suite in return for a review I was very excited. I love Scarborough and have gone every year since I was a kid, I’ve introduced my Husband to it and my intention is now to make wee stinky love it as much as I do. As we were heading down to Yorkshire the following week I chanced my arm to see if there was a room free for the very weekend and as luck would have it there was.

Originally this was to be a straightforward review of a hotel for another blog I run but once we got there I quickly realised it was a better fit for this one as it’s more about travelling with baby. You see last weekend and the Ox Pasture Hal Hotel was to be our first hotel stay with wee stinky at an age where she a) needs her own room/space and b) is getting a little…err…headstrong. We booked in but all the while we were worrying about whether a luxury hotel and a 15month old would gel enough to allow us some much needed relaxation…

Ox Pasture Hall Hotel

When we arrived we were taken straight to our suite through a beautiful courtyard, as far as first impressions go the courtyard went a long way! Our suite was brilliant with a massive bedroom, separate living room and large bathroom. The bedroom was really easy to fit a travel cot into and although I’d been initially worried about a lack of door into the living room I was able to move the suitcase stand to allow the travel cot to be hidden round the corner of the wardrobe which made a good attempt at giving baby her own ‘room’.

After we’d had a few minutes to settle we went back to the front of the hotel for an afternoon tea. We chose the front as there was a large lawn so wee stinky could play with her toys and mess about in safety while we watched from our seats. The afternoon tea was fantastic with stacks of food and presented really well. The staff seemed happy to just leave us too which was nice as there was absolutely no feeling of being rushed or having to move from ‘our spot’.

Afternoon Tea

After our tea we took baby for a walk round the grounds in an attempt to tire her out. There’s a good amount of paths round the back of the hotel and enough for a nice wee stroll. I’m assuming this has been built to give the dog owners (it’s a dog friendly hotel) somewhere to stretch their dogs legs but it worked very well as a place to let a toddler run without annoying anyone!


We got back to the room and started the bedtime routine beginning with a nice bath for baby in the lovely bathroom (which has a waterfall tap conveniently placed higher up than ours and far less of a safety hazard!) We were also happy to see a TV with Cbeebies available so bedtime was perfect with no worries about missing Iggle Piggle – bedtime was an unexpected breeze.

For dinner we had the opportunity to have a nice romantic dinner however with a narky baby we thought it was only fair to other diners if we stayed away. We asked at reception if it would be possible to change to room service and they were more than happy to oblige. We’d both expected more a sandwich type of meal as it was room service but no, it was the full A La Carte restaurant menu so we felt like we weren’t missing out in the slightest and there was something very nice about having our dinner brought to us while we were sitting post-bath in PJs – a massive change from me making dinner and rushing it before the bedtime routine starts!

The next morning, after a fantastic sleep, baby woke up early. We’d planned for this the night before and we’d moved everything up high and closed the bathroom door so we took her into our bed for 5 minutes before she wanted down. It was easy to let her play without worrying about her hurting herself so we got a relaxing half hour in bed before getting up – a massive treat for us.

We’re pleased to report that our first hotel stay with a toddler went swimmingly. We loved the Ox Pasture Hall Hotel and it was a real treat to be in a suite. Staff we’re fantastic (especially their new housekeeper who was lovely and helpful) and the grounds were great for strolls without feeling like we needed to leave the hotel. I definitely recommend this hotel as one you can visit with kids.

The Grounds


I received one night stay in the Ox Pasture Hotel in exchange for writing a review on the blog. Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are my own.


The Ox Pasture Hall Hotel is a hotel based in Scarborough. It offers accommodation, a restaurant and caters for functions including weddings.