Our new addition

I tried everything to go into labour. I LOVED being pregnant but boy was I ready to meet my little girl.

I’m very unlucky, to say I was on crutches on my wedding day, my hen night and my honeymoon should give a good idea of how my life generally goes. I thought I’d harness this bad luck and turn it on it’s head to get so I:

  • Agreed to a work deadline on my due date
  • Arranged a BBQ on my due date
  • Went on a long walk that took me miles from the car and ½ a mile from the nearest road

I took evening primrose oil and raspberry leaf tablets but nothing was shifting my chilled out bubba.

Nothing worked.

Three days later and I was still working away, finishing off jobs and getting a head start on work for the following months. That night I decided to try another long walk and watched a film when we got back.

Off we went to bed and at 2am I woke up feeling like I’d wet myself. I thought ‘well, that’s never happened before!’ and wandered to the bathroom to clean up. Somewhere between the bed and the bathroom it hit me that it was my waters breaking!
I called the hospital and because of a few small worries I was told to head in. I got in at 2.30 and had blood pressure checked which was fine and I was sent home with the words “first babies take ages, if you can’t sleep through the pain call us back”

At 4pm I called back and was told “first babies take ages, have some paracetomol and a nice bath”. I had the pain killers and promptly threw them back up and got into a bath. During the bath the pain got quite intense so I got out, got the tens machine on and after another ½ hour decided enough was enough.

My husband insisted on calling the hospital for permission to go in but after what seemed like ages of a busy dial tome I strongly suggested that we ‘get in the sodding car NOW’.

We got to the hospital at 6.30 and when I was checked over I was more than a little surprised to hear I was fully dilated…or ‘locked and loaded’ as I was calling it.

I was wheeled upstairs to the delivery ward and as I was guided through my pushes I was told ‘few more and baby will be here’ I smiled at my husband and carried on with that final push and our gorgeous, perfect, beautiful little girl was born at 7:18 just an hour or so after arriving! Thank you raspberry leaf!