Monreith Animal World

We’ve recently been on holiday to Dumfries and Galloway. I don’t know why but we’d never really thought of it as being a place to go on holiday, you kind of pass it on the M77 but don’t think to head West.

Anyway, we decided on a week just outside Port William and booked ourselves into a gorgeous little cottage up a single track road in the middle of nowhere. Perfect.

Wee Stinker is a massive fan of animals providing they are in books or on screen. She knows loads of different animals and constantly surprises us with mentioning a new animal. She surprises us even more by being completely and utterly petrified when fact to fact with ANY animal. Be it a tiny tortoise or a llama she is scared beyond belief.

Despite this fear she loves the thought of going to see animals and talks excitedly about them right up until the point she seems them. We’ve spent a small fortune going to different animal places such as the Sealife Centre in the hope she will gradually learn to love (or at least tolerate) being face to snout with animals.

This holiday was no different, “do you want to go see animals?” “GO SEE ANNANIMALS” she cried so we Googled it and found Monteith Animal World in err…Monreith just outside Port William.

When we turned up we were the only ones there – we were the only ones there the whole time which is quite sad as it’s a great thing for kids to do. Being the only ones there meant that the owner went round a few of the animals with us showing them out of cages or unhooking bits so we could see into them sleeping. It was really good and my highlight was definitely the baby donkey 🙂 Wee Stinker just about tolerated Angus the owl which was surprising as he was blinking massive. She can now say Alpaca (ooohpacca) too which provided a lot of chat as a bedtime time waster…

It’s set in a beautiful location and you walk round a lovely natural pond spying the animals as you go. You initially walk through a field with Shetland ponies and donkeys so you can get as up close as you want – obviously for us this meant charging through the field with a toddler screaming “NO BABY DONKKKKEEEEEEYSSSS” but it would have been nice!

I really liked Monteith Animal World and I definitely think we’ll go back if we are down this way again. At £4 an adult it’s not exactly a fortune to ‘lose’ if Wee Stinker continues to hate being near animals.

I really hope that we were just there on a bad day as it would be a shame if it wasn’t used more. If you’re ever in the area (Isle of Whithorn) then you have to take the trip up.

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