Keeping routine on nursery days

I find on days when baby is at the childminders that it’s difficult to co-ordinate dinner for us and her. The problem with this is that a) she’s now eating everything we do and not everything is ok to reheat (I’m thinking rice) and b) she eats much better when we’re all sitting at the table together.

We decided at the start of September (with the aid of the Birds eye After School Chef challenge) that we had to work on this so we ate together more to encourage her to eat more/better too.

First off we looked at times we ate. It was normally 5.30 for her then a rushed dinner before 7 or a later dinner after 7.30 for us but all this meant was an extended time for cleaning and cooking and I’d much rather we ate together anyway. We decided that dinnertime would move to 6pm for all of us, husband would come home on the same train each night instead of ‘whenever’ and the hour bedtime routine was cut to 30 mins by cutting out Iggle-Frigging-Piggle.

Secondly we looked at what we were eating on the busy days and we gathered several quick and easy one pot meals that we could either cook quickly in a roasting tin or slowly in a slow cooker. We also often make enough for two days so it’s even faster the next day. Our favourites are:

  1. Slow cooker chilli
  2. Slow cooker spag bol
  3. Chicken, potatoes, tomatoes, peppers and herbs in a roasting tin
  4. Sausages, root veg and potatoes in a roasting tin

On top of this we’ve stocked up our freezer with Birds Eye frozen peas, Birds Eye vegetable fingers and Birds Eye fish fingers so we always have veg to hand and easy to cook food for baby should we have any hold ups. Stockign the freezer with veg has been a massive help and already we’re using it to add to dishes that we previously wouldn’t have added any to such as carbonara.

This challenge has really helped us to organise our dinner times and make sure we eat as a family so Thank You, Birds Eye!


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