I’m not bloody ‘lunch’!

OK I’m going to say right from the start that this is going to be a rant post. If you’re in a grumpy mood then read away but if not you might want to look elsewhere for something more chirpy! It’s really just a  roundup of a few food related things I’ve heard since Wee Man came along that have got my goat; silly things but things that have niggled all the same.

There are a lot more posts where this one comes from in relation to other  child rearing ‘mistakes’ we’re making but this one is good for starters.

“Here’s lunch”

I keep being described as ‘lunch’. I don’t know why but it’s really pissing me off. I think partly because I’m quite a private person so I don’t really want attention drawn to the fact I’m about to get a boob out but also because I’m not just bloody lunch. I’m about to offer food, warmth, cuddles and comfort not a fecking pit stop.

“I can’t help you”

On a similar vein is the way people, women in particular, are prone to holding baby and stating that they can’t feed him as they loudly draw attention to baby rooting. Again, I don’t know why this annoys me so much but I just don’t like the implication that they would if they could. Actually, thinking about it this may come down to the fact the person doing it is quite overbearing where my kids are concerned and would probably be quite happy to take my place!

“He’s hungry”

Man oh man, do people not realise that I KNOW when the Wee Man is hungry. Im barely away from him and he’s attached a good percentage of the day. I feed on demand and demand he does so why oh why do people need to tell me he’s hungry after even the tiniest whimper like I’m too stupid to realise?

I KNOW he’s hungry…he’s AWAKE and that generally means my little porker is hungry!

“Weaning at 6 months?” *smirk*

We aim for 6 months because it’s recommended for many many reasons. With Wee Stinker we got to 5.5 and started as she was up to 45oz of formula a day. With Wee Man we’re saying 6 months again and if I’m still BF then it’s probably more likely as I won’t be able to see who much is being taken. Anyway, I am so sick of hearing how it should be 4 months and when I protest I get a smirk back as if I don’t really understand what I’m saying when in reality they probably weaned at 4 months because the mistook a growth spurt for being ‘a hungry baby’. But hey of course we’ll risk future illness for the sake of weaning early like *insert family member* was.