House sitting and beaches!

Wee stinky and I were asked by my Aunt to cat sit her two cats a few months ago. Although the Husband was still studying I jumped at the chance because;

  1. I love her house and the location
  2. I could see my cousin and
  3. I was immediately looking forward to taking baby to the beach

So after a kiss goodbye to Daddy we set off to Eyemouth one sunny morning in May armed with Orijen cat treats for the moggies, treats for baby and I and the obligatory bucket and spade.

On day one we spent it driving down then  we went into Eyemouth for a shot on the beach. The tide was coming in and it seemed to frighten baby so we gave up and headed down to St Abbs where we both had an afternoon snack before heading back to my Aunts for dinner and to do our duty looking after the cats!

The next day it was a beautiful sunny day so I packed us both a picnic and drove us down to Lindesfarne. We wandered round the village and I took baby to a few places her Dad and I had gone one one of our first breaks 16 years before. She played on a few of the stoney beaches and picked sea glass, stones, shells and bits & bobs for her ‘touch and feel’ box. We stopped off on the way back to the car at a coffee shop where they roast the coffee beans on the premises – a welcome treat for me after chasing baby all over the place all morning! We sat in the garden and she watched the birds and butterflies so we both got to sit and chill.

Our Private Beach

On the way out just before we hit the causeway I noticed cars parked up on the side so I pulled over and started to carry the picnic and baby over the sand dunes. This was ever so slightly further than I thought it would be and I’m pretty certain it’s gone a long way to giving me back my pre-pregnanacy ‘guns’! The walk over the dunes was more than worth it and the beach we were presented with was amazing. We were pretty much the only ones on it and it was amazing to spend a few hours  with baby running about playing with shells etc.

We had a fantastic time on our wee holibags and it was great to spend some relaxing time with baby. We need to head back down when the Husband finishes studying and have a proper holiday down there as it’s such a great place with kids. I may give the cats a miss next time though, it’s a bit scary looking after someone else’s when they live next to a very busy A road!