Glasgow Riverside Museum

We took a fair while to visit the Riverside Museum but when we did we were kicking outselves because Wee Stinker LOVED it and wanted to go back the next day…and the next weekend…and several times since! We really should have made it along earlier.

Anyway, Wee Stinker’s favourite things are to get into the trams, onto the Subway and up to the trains for a good look about. On her first trip we told her about how her Great Great Grandad was part of a team that broke a speed record in the …. and how a steam train works, when we came back she proudly took her Dad up to the trains and explained to him about her “Great Great Grandant”, makes you feel all warm and fuzzy when something you say goes in!

I really like how there are so many parts ot the museum where the kids and get up and into vehicles for a closer look, it makes it so much more exciting for them than just staring at the outside I always think.

The cafes are good for the kids too and do a decent sandwich box with a sandwich and fruit, not too expensive either. If you go to the one upstairs there’s good views up and down the Clyde.

Only thing I really disliked was that toys from my childhood were in a museum, I mean seriously…I’m only 37!!!

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Riverside Museum Info:


Opening Hours:

Monday: 10am – 5pm
Tuesday: 10am – 5pm
Wednesday: 10am – 5pm
Thursday: 10am – 5pm
Friday: 11am – 5pm
Saturday: 10am – 5pm
Sunday: 11am – 5pm

Tall Ship

When you’re visiting the Riverside Museum you can’t forget to spend a bit of time on the Tall Ship. There are several interactive exhibits such as lettign the kids scrub the deck, ring bells and get into the ship and explore mocked up rooms so they get a feel fr what it would have been like to live on it.

There’s a good cafe in here and on our second visit we discovered it was much quieter than in the main museum plus they did a nice line in kids meals so it’s our preferred place to eat when we’re visiting now.

On the lower floor there is a small softplay area, not huge but then it’s just a nice place to spend 5 mins after lunch.

A good thing to do if you’re up early like us is to head down for 10am on a Sunday and do the Tall Ship first then head to the Riverside Museum for opening.

Tall Ship Info:


Summer Opening
February- October 10am-5pm

Winter Opening
November- January 10am-4pm
Last admission 30 minutes before closing time.

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