Our family Summer

I was reading a blog post today over at Truly madly Kids about photos of family life and not just looking for the perfect photo and it’s inspired me.

Years ago I studied photography but since finishing I’ve gone down another track and despite buying several good cameras I just can’t get the same love for it that I had back when it was film, developing and printing. I’ve barely picked up my camera in years for anything other than quick snaps and despite intending to ‘get back into it’ when baby no.1 came along I’ve yet to do it (she’s just turned 18 months).

Anyway, this post inspired me to look through some of my older photos and edit them to give a short snapshot of our life over the Summer.

I’m going to keep at this with the idea of making a photobook of her first 2 years with us before starting to do one each year once no.2 arrives in April. That’s the plan anyway…

Beach DuckChasing FeedingBaby Handprint Harbour LearningToPuddleJump M-BandW-1 Paddling PaintingWithFlour Pebbles ScarboroughBeach Tube