Dealing with a glut of victoria plums

I’ve been watching my victoria plum tree with glee since about July. For the last week I have been out everyday have a check in the hope that they’ll be ripe for the picking. Yesterday the were. Out I went with a box and picked as many as I could including a few slightly under ripe ones for jam making (under ripe fruit gives more pectin and jam setting ability!)

I ended up with a massive box full and still another few boxes worth still on the tree!

victoria plums

I’ve been going through a jam making stage so the first things I wanted to make was plum and rum jam. After taking the 1000g of plums from the harvest I was more than a little shocked to see that there was still about 80% of the box left full leaving me with a little dilemma of what to do with them all (and what to do with the ones still on the tree).

After a day of mulling it over I decided I’d make plum puddings (one for now and one for the freezer), stewed plums with port and mulled wine spices for over ice cream (see image below) and finally I decided to freeze a load (halved and stoned) for use over winter.