Cherry Brandy

I had a punnets of cherries to use up and some brandy that had been left over from Xmas cooking. The brandy was a cheaper brand and not good enough to drink on it’s own (according to the Fiance) so I had to think of something to make with it.

Cherry Brandy is perfect to use up these ingredients. I’m not a fan of brandy but I figured a shot of cherry brandy with coke would more than make me happy and I wasn’t wrong!


450g Cherries
3 tablespoons Sugar
70cl Brandy (I used a cheapish brand, not the cheapest but also not something that you’d happily drink on it’s own)


Kilner Jars
Pretty Bottles

What you do:

  1. Wash the cherries and tip into a large kilner jar. There’s no need to stone them.
  2. Putthe the sugar into the jar
  3. Top up with brandy
  4. Close the kilner jar (you may be happier putting some clingfilm over the top of the jar before putting the lid on to stop any leaks in future)
  5. Give the brandy, sugar and cherry mix a good shake/swirl and leave in a cool dark place.

I left the brandy steeping for 3 weeks giving it a swirl around every day to give it a mix before removing the cherries and decanting into pretty bottles.


It seemed a shame to waste the brandy soaked cherries though the colour had been removed during the steeping process and they weren’t very attractive. We found three uses for them:

  • Eating on their own – blow you’re had off though so be careful!
  • Chopping into melted choclate before tipping into silicone chocolate moulds to handmake chocolates.
  • Boozy cherry jam (very good for sandwiching chocolate cakes together)