Breastfeeding friendly Braehead!

I’ve blogged before about how I have had difficulty with breastfeeding but one point I failed to add in was how difficult I’ve found it due to these two issues:

  1. I have ginormous boobies – there’s nothing subtle about these puppies
  2. I am incredibly shy – I wore XL t-shirts all through my teenage years to hide under

So you can imagine how much of an ordeal it is for me to feed in public while trying not to expose myself or indeed even let on that that’s what I’m doing. Up until now I’ve been restricted to going out with friends or my husband who can provide distractions and cover.

Today we nipped to Braehead in the vague attampt to get some cover up cardigans and some clothes that fit my saggy, post baby body.

While we were out no1 and no2 needed a trip to the baby change then no2, because he was awake and this is all he does, needed a feed. I was a little scared when I saw the comfy change area full of 10yr old boys waiting on their mum and a few Dad’s and I wondered how I was ever going to feed no2 discreetly. I plucked up the courage and walked over only to find to my utter relief and joy that those helpful, wonderful planners had created a breastfeeeding only area complete with modesty curtains, comfy chairs and toys for the toddler.


I was able to feed confidently while no1 was amused climbing up and down on the chairs and feel completely and utterly hidden from the world while I did.

I’m so impressed with this small area of Braehead where they have put thought into something so small but which is so big to me and anyone else who feels the way I do that I just felt I had to post a blog showing how much it’s appreciated by this mum.

Thank you to your amazingly thoughtful planners Mr Braehead!


IMG_1219 IMG_1218