Apple and Cinnamon Vodka

I’m not a fan of vodka but I was thinking if I would get it flavoured with something like apple and cinnamon (which I do love) then it would be a handy mixer for cocktails.


2 x Cooking Apples

2 x Eating Apples
3 x Cinnamon Sticks
70cl Vodka (I used a cheapish brand, not the cheapest but also not something that you’d happily drink on it’s own)


Kilner Jars
Coffee Filters
Pretty Bottles

What you do:

1. Core and peel the apples and chop into large chunks
2. Put the apples and cinnamon sticks into the Kilner jar
3. Top up with vodka
4. Close the Kilner jar (you may be happier putting some clingfilm over the top of the jar before putting the lid on to stop any leaks in future)
5. Give it a good shake and leave in a cool dark place.

I left the vodka steeping for 3 weeks giving it a swirl around every day to give it a mix.

Once it’s ready (it’ll be a brown colour) line a funnel with a coffee filter and strain the vodka through it into pretty bottles.