I set up my business 6 years ago and from the start it was ‘my baby’; my (almost) sole focus, a drain on finances and the basis of my grey hairs. I worked my arse off for it, working every evening and most weekends for the best part of 5 years. After 5 years we realized that we weren’t getting any younger and if we wanted a family we really needed to get a shift on. I had two choices:

  1. Employ more staff and immediately trust them enough to consider leaving them in the business without me or
  2. Downsize, make the business manageable on my own

I wasn’t prepared to hire more staff as that brings its own stress and worry that I just wasn’t interested in which left me with option 2.

Option 2, while being the most sensible, left me with a whole new set of demons.

Was I a failure?

Was I was copping out?

Would the business last?

After several weeks of this internal worry I sat down with my husband and thought long and hard about what I/we wanted from life and what it boils down to is simply this; I want to LIVE my life not just have it pass me by.

This is something I wasn’t doing due to the sheer number of hours I was working so to me I wasn’t getting what I needed out of life, I was tired, emotional and feeling burnt out. By downsizing I had more control, more money, less stress and more time (2 hours commuting x 5 days x 52 weeks adds up!) By downsizing I would BECOME successful in more ways that I ever imagined.

A year after making this decision (and a week after our wedding) we discovered that our life would no longer be just my husband, myself and the business, we were getting our number 4 or more precisely, our number one….