A fortnight of weaning friendly slow cooking

I’m now back at work after maternity leave with the Wee Man. I’d vastly underestimated how much more effort it would be to have good meals on the table while working so I’ve set myself a challenge to find enough slow cooker meals all the family will eat to take us through a fortnight.

I love the slow cooker because I can whack on dinner while I’m still in my PJs while the Husband takes the kids to the childminder. I get the clearing up done well before anyone is home and means all I have to do between picking the kids up and bedtime is dish (possibly cook rice or pasta), bath them and get them to bed. It makes life so much easier.

My aim is to find these 14 recipes and go mad bagging them all up and freezing so I cna cut labour down even further by simply defrosting overnight and throwing in the slow cooker the next day.

It’s worth noting that none of these include salt and that’s because we’re doing baby led weaning with the Wee Man so no salt for him. Most of the recipes can live without it anyway but if you’re anything like the Husband you’ll want to adapt it slightly.