5 reasons why I love feeding my baby

There’s so much debate/arguments/stong opinions on the right way to feed a baby and it’s something I’d never really thought or cared about until I had Wee Stinker but since having both my kids I’ve taken more of an interest and I’m amazed with the interest busybodiness people take in how other’s care for their kids.

I’ve commented on forums over the last 2 years and I’ve always tried to keep things to my own experiences because so many comments are judgemental. I just don’t agree with that, we all do the absolute best we can for our kids and we’ll always do something that someone doesn’t agree with so I always think it’s important to you know, not be a judgemental prick.

I decided to write this post as a view on why I think both options are good and were good for us.  it’s kind of been theraputic too to think about the benefits of both. With FF I beat myself up for years for ‘failing’ so to think about the good parts has been really good to do.


My 5 reasons for both below are in no way discussing the nutritional pros and cons – that’s for each individual to decide. It’s merely my own personal reasons for loving them both…for loving that I’ve been able to and am able to feed my beautiful little babies.

These reasons are written in order of how I did it (FF no1 and BF no2) so as not to put one over the other/annoy anyone.

5 Reasons Why I love Formula Feeding


I have big jugs, when I BF I cannot find a position where I can enjoy that gazing into each other’s eyes malarky that so many BF mums quote as being their favourite thing. With BF I find baby is kind of squidged into my boobs and I’m more concerned with making sure he can breathe than worry about gazing into his eyes.


I don’t mean the ‘I fancy a nice bath so Daddy take the baby’ kind of help but I had a hard time with Wee Stinker and expressing became part of the problem with us. With FF I was able to let my husband join in to look after her with arguably the most important part of her care; feeding her. I can’t tell you the relief at seeing him give her a bottle when I was put back in hospital after 10 days. Knowing she was getting nourishment that I physically couldn’t provide made me literally weep with relief – I don’t think he saw me but I was definitely crying that day as I watched from my hospital bed. The fact we have that as an option is something we need to be grateful for.


Before BF and me having to man up to feeding in public (see below) I always wondered how the hell I’d manage to do it discreetly. A small bonus to us switching to formula with Wee Stinker was that I could feed anywhere without stressing about whether I could be seen or plucking up the courage to do it.


After losing a massive amount of weight I was really stressing about Wee Stinker. It’s hard to have confidence in your body when you’re baby is dropping and dropping. It takes a strong person to have complete trust in themselves and I’m afraid I just didn’t have that. I needed to know that she was getting the food she needed – expressing was yielding nothing and I needed that comfort of knowing we were doing all we could.


Similar to my previous point but when Wee Stinker was finally on the formula we could see her weight increasing in a way that it wasn’t happening before. I know people slag off formula for creating chubby babies (Ha! You should see BF Wee Man!) but in our case every little room of fat was telling us that baby was growing and thriving and who seriously is going to argue with that?

5 Reasons Why I love breastfeeding


After ‘failing’ with Wee Stinker I really couldn’t be prouder that I am successfully BF my little man. I LOVE that every little oz of chub is down to me and what my body can do. I love hearing my Husband jokingly say ‘he’s getting chubby, that’s your fault’ and I know he’s very proud and supportive of me too.


I’ve always been very shy of my body, I wore XL t-shirts as a teenager to hide any hint of shape. With BF I have been ‘forced’ to overcome this and overcome it I have! I can now happily BF in front of family, friends and strangers. I don’t care where I have to do it and so long as I have my trusty waterfall cardi and muslin I know I can safely feed without exposing so much as a hint of a nip. Anyway, if I do expose myself who cares?!


I’ll admit it, I’m lazy. Now that BF is working I can think of nothing worse than the sheer effort involved in making up bottles. I just cannot be arsed. I know that this BF may not last as long as I want what with going back to work but I am so dreading having to get that bloody steriliser out.


Now I’ve conquered my fear I realise just how bloody convenient Bf is. I don’t need to make up bottles, keep them cool, warm them up, take the right amount or have to keep bottles full of Milton so I can use those expensive cartons. I have fed places I’d never have dreamt I’d have fed in and Wee Man can boast to being fed right at the Southernly most point of Scotland while old people chatted to me oblivious!

Another reason under this tag is that the other week I was stuck in a 2 hour traffic jam. Rather than panicking it was brilliant to just pull off at the nearest service station and feed. It made for a much less stressful journey!


I love that no matter what happens to Wee Man a little bit of BF will work wonders. It works in a way that even a hug can’t always.

Hungry? Boobies. Teething? Boobies. His sister accidentally kicks him in the face? Boobies. The list goes on.


I was going to stop at 5 but this is a bloody important point and one that can’t be taken too lightly…If there was a Walking Dead style zombie apocalypse I know that so long as I survive (of course I would) then so would my bairns. My Husband may not but hey ho, the three of us would!